Help Syah Zuan Advance Biblical Education among Chinese Christians

Since 2014, I have been teaching the Bible to lay Christians through Bible studies, preaching, Youtube videos and live streaming. These ministries over the years have affirmed the burden in my heart and God’s calling to me in advancing biblical literacy among Chinese Christians. I have since resigned from my full time job in June 2020 and enrolled in a full-time masters programme in Knox Theological Seminary (Florida) through distance learning.

There are two reasons why I decided to go seminary. First, I believe formal theological training can bring a breakthrough to my teaching ministry. Second, this academic qualification will hopefully open up more ministry opportunities, for instance, joining a Christian education ministry.

If I were to express my mission statement in only one sentence, I would say: God, use me, to provide free-of-charge, top-notch quality theological education resources to Chinese Christians around the world.

Long Term Plan

Current: Master of Arts in Biblical & Theological Studies (MABTS) at Knox Theological Seminary

MABTS is the first and fundamental degree in the field of theological studies. Estimated completion is 2-3 years. Current fundraising is meant for this masters programme.

Future: Obtain Master of Theology (ThM)

MABTS and ThM are not equivalent programmes, ThM is considered a post-graduate programme that provides advanced and research-based study in theological field. Estimate completion is 1-2 years.

Future: Join a Biblical Education Ministry

I plan to join a ministry related to biblical education upon the completion of this programme.

How to Give


I am currently not receiving any financial support from churches or Christian organization, and am raising 100% of the seminary fund through personal fundraising. Your support would help me get through seminary without financial difficulties and debt. Offering can be made either by one-time or monthly payment.

I actually rejected some good part-time job opportunities to focus on my studies. Therefore, if it’s not financially viable for you to do so, please do not consider supporting me financially; or if you are currently providing financial aid to those who are in desperate need, please do not consider moving your funding from there to my ministry. I can always find another job if I can’t make it financially. Besides monetary offerings, you could support me through prayers using the prayer items below.

How to Give

If you are in Malaysia, you could use online banking to make payment transfer (no additional charges). Oversea supporters could use credit card through PayPal (4% transaction fee). Kindly inform me upon payment so I could stay in touch and provide updates on my academics and ministry.

Internet Banking (Malaysia ONLY)

Paypal (Worldwide)

Kindly contact me for my Paypal email.

Academic Progress

Current CGPA

  • Percentage of Courses Completed 75% 75%

Fundraising Progress


Overall Progress (All Items)

  • Tuition & Miscellaneous Fee 21.48% 21.48%
  • Book Purchase 30% 30%
  • Living Expense 0% 0%

Last update: March 25, 2021 11:00PM

Fundraising Breakdown

Tuition & Misc Fees: MYR 65 000

The original cost of the MABTS is about RM127,000, but thank God the seminary has graciously provided 80% financial aid for the first 40% of the programme. As for the rest of the 60% programme, they will only decide on the financial aid after evaluating my performance. The current figure is then only an estimate.


RM13,960 Raised

Book Purchase: MYR 10 000

MABTS consists of 20 courses, and each course usually requires about 5 textbooks. The average book purchase cost per course is about 100 USD, hence a total of about 2000 USD for the whole programme. I have added 20% on top of this amount to purchase more reference books for additional readings.


RM3,000 Raised


Living Expense:MYR 2000/month

I chose to quit my job to attend seminary full time so I could concentrate on the seminary training. The purpose of this living expense allowance is to reduce the financial burden during this incomeless period.



RM0 Raised
(Current Deficit: -RM18,000)

Prayer Items

Academics & Sanctification

Please pray that God will give me discipline, diligence, wisdom and a sharp mind for my study; also, that my theological training will lead me to a sanctifying life—to be more diligent in mortification of sins, prayers, thanksgivings, meditation on God’s Words, and growth in faith, hope and love.

Fundraising and Expenditure

My plan to finish 2 theological degrees in about 3 years time requires large amount of money. Please pray that God will provide financial supporters to fund my seminary education. 



Future Ministry

Besides continue developing Gospelicious ministry, I am hoping to work in a Christian education ministry upon graduation. Please pray that God would prepare my future path and place me in a position that could best benefit the Chinese Christians around the world.

Contact Syah Zuan

If you have questions regarding my ministry or fundraiser, feel free to contact me.

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